we are prince and princess in the kingdom of God.The present day cultural kingdom institutions were pioneered by our great fathers many years where God inspired them to do so by establishing leadership among the communities. GWAM kingdom co exist as central inter-culture kingdom among traditional kingdoms and political government systems under the leadership of prince Arthur ssajjabi the founder of GWAM. The kingdom of God co-exist in all regions among people groups and cultures.The kingdom is made up of a combination of christian values and people group /culture good values the creator God deposited in every tribe. GWAM kingdom walk with all people groups in the nature God created them.There are differences in people groups not all people created are the same. GWAM brings all people together from political governments,cultures, traditional kingdoms to work together towards a common goal of caring for the needs of the society,peace promotion,caring for our world and promoting those good values God put in every people group and culture. GWAM promotes leaders in every society who can work with political governments. GWAM believes in Family unit as Mother,father and children. The family is the natural and fundamental unit of the society and is entitled to protection by the society and the state. GWAM Believes in continuity of man in cultures and recognizes Customary Marriage as Godly marriage which God used for continuity of human race. So it is upon the society to choose church marriage,civil marriage and customary marriage. GWAM believes that women in the society are used as vessel to bring life for continuity of human race and man should not be restricted by the religious laws from having children. The highest population in the world today are people born out of wedlock or in polygamous set up families.These are useful people in the world today. God uses children to preserve the next Generation.